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Anti-America Commie In The House
Wed 04PM[PST] 10Nov2021
Some weeks ago I used Pramila Jayapal's official webpage to contact her so as to submit some drivel that was on my mind at the time. I don't even remember what I submitted (wasn't hostile). Well apparently I've been added to her automated spam email spewer. I used a "no_reply@..." email cuz I don't want her to email me. But that didn't stop her (automated spammer). Anyway, I was just in my (other) server's email dirs cleaning out the trash, which includes some yet unfiltered emails sent to "no_reply@..." I noticed an email from the commie loving Jayapal...

So I figured I'd break down this hit list of gun deaths by city and what party sits in the Mayor's chair of each city. This is based off the very site the socialist Jayapal cited. Data I used was from November 10, 2021, "The Last 72 Hours". I ignored injuries and only tallied deaths.
Note: I assume Jayapal's data was from somewhere around the date of her email, 12OCT21, thus we have differing results on total deaths. Albeit I'll wager that the percentages on party affiliation are pretty equal.

Gun Related Deaths
"D" Democrat Run Cities - 77 (68.75%)
"R" Republican Run Cities - 12 (10.71%)
"U"1 - 23 (20.54%)

1 Unincorporated/Non-Partisan/Independant/Unspecified and/or I couldn't find a valid source for the Mayor's affliated party.

Results (listed by #ofDeaths City ST [D|R|U])
1 Albuquerque NM D
1 Anniston AL D
4 Atlanta GA D
2 Austin TX D
2 Bakersfield CA R
4 Baltimore MD D
1 Baton Rouge LA D
1 Beaumont TX  U
1 Birmingham AL D
1 Bloomington IN U
1 Blytheville AR U
2 Boston MA D
1 Brockton MA D
1 Charolotte NC D
4 Chicago IL D
1 Columbus OH D
1 Compton CA D
1 Daytona Beach FL D
2 Denver CO D
1 Detroit MI D
2 Durham NC D
1 Fairfield OH U
1 Forest Park GA U
1 Fort Lauderdale FL D
1 Fort Wayne IN D
1 Grand Blanc MI U
1 Guthrie OK U
1 Hahnville LA U
1 High Point NC U
3 Houston TX D
4 Indianapolis IN D
2 Jackson MS D
1 Kalamazoo MI R
2 Kansas City MO D
1 Kenosha WI D
1 Lancaster SC D
1 La Cruces NM D
2 Las Vegas NV U
1 Louisville KY D
1 Manor TX D
1 Mckees Rocks PA U
3 Memphis TN D
1 Miami Gardens FL D
2 Milwaukee WI D
1 Monteagle TN U
1 New Orleans LA D
1 North Carleston SC U
1 Ogden UT R
2 Peoria IL D
5 Philadelphia PA D
2 Pheonix AZ D
1 Pittsburgh PA D
1 Plano TX R
1 Pontiac MI U
1 Portsmouth VA U
1 Raleigh NC D
1 Renton WA U
1 Sacramento CA D
1 Saginaw MI D
1 Saint Louis MO D
3 Scotland SD R
1 Shelby NC D
1 Sioux Falls SD R
1 Southampton NJ U
2 Toledo OH D
1 Tulsa OK R
1 Victoria TX U
2 Warrington FL U
1 Washington DC D
2 Wichita KS D
2 Wilmington NC D
2 Zanesville OH R
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