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Welcome ... and pardon the mess
Wed 10AM[PDT] 15Sep2021

First, this site is under development and things might function strangely. Please be patient. Post with questions or to point out issues. I am one man, so changes/fixes/replies might take a bit of time.

Welcome to infomeme. First, I'd like the extend a "thank you" to telegram user "G. G." for sparking the idea of spreading informative memes to better battle the opposition (vs. angry/vulgar memes) -- by feeding the mind vs emotions.

That motivated me to start this little repository of memes, primarily more "informative" type memes. Hence the name: infomeme.

You must register to be able to post messages and upload memes. Registering requires a valid email for automated verification. There are no fees,  no ads, and no tracking (the message forum and gallery do use a cookie).

The Gallery can be accessed from the Community sidebar, or perhaps from the title bar (depending on your theme setup and device you are logged in with). The site is best viewed on a larger screen (tablet at the minimum, PC is best). I'm trying to make it look good on phones, but some displays will be wonky.
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