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Title: Meme file size limits.
Post by: Dick Tater on Wed 01PM[PDT] 15Sep2021
I am but one man, on a limited server. While the server limits are somewhat generous, they are not infinite. Thus I have restricted the size of images (both dimensionally and physical ("disk") size).

Maximum Width and Height: Width = 600, Height = 600 (pixels).
Maximum file size: 250k
There's very little reason to need much more than 100-200k file size and 600x600 dimensions for a meme. Larger images will quickly chew into my storage and bandwidth quotas.

Images should be automatically resized upon uploading if the image is larger than the set limits. As well the quality of the image might be reset to 75%(-ish). This is all in order to reduce file size. Sorry, but again this isn't a limitless server.