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Post by: Dick Tater on Wed 01PM[PDT] 15Sep2021
I'll try to keep the rules pretty simple and following the "law" of common sense...

New Users:Initially you will be limited on posting (posts must be authorized before publicly viewable). Make just TWO approved posts and be automatically "promoted" to a normal Member. Thusly having the restrictions removed. Plus gain additional permissions, including the ability to upload memes. My apology for the inconvenience but this is to thwart the onslaught of spam bots that constantly try to make accounts and post spam and malicious content.

Rules are subject to change at any time. You should routinely check this post to keep yourself up to date with the rules and guidelines.

Violations of the rules might lead to:Purpose
The basic purpose of this site is to collect and share memes. Particularly informative memes. Those that one can use to educate and enlighten others with. Memes that might spark actual conversation and debate -- not just laughs and name-calling. You are encouraged to d/load, display, print, and share these memes in your community to spark discourse with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, social media folks, etc. But definitely fun and entertaining memes are accepted. We all like a good chuckle. While I'm not shy about my language, nor my personal take on the state of this world -- it is suggested to use "adult" language and humor with some restraint. Keep it PG/R-ish. We are all, in theory, adults here -- although that's nearly impossible to verify on the innerwebs of nothingness.

I run no ads, nor trackers. However does use a cookie to track your visit here (such as what posts you've read, what images you've seen, etc). Please allow this site to use its cookie, else your experience here will be a mess.
I try to never have hooks to any big sites, such as scroogle, facecrook, twatter, etc. So if you see something pop-up (eg links) please let me know. I want absolutely no connection to those anti-American businesses.