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Survival Rate 1082
Current Portrait of Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State 94
Benghazi, Never Forget 91
Boss Sex vs Mandated Vaccine - both are coercion. 89
Kermit's Warning to Joe Xiden 78
Gen. Milley is a Fucking Traitor 76
Goldstar Mom vs Joe Xiden 75
They Froze and Starved So the Left Could Destroy Our Country? I Think Not. 74
Louis Uridel's Proud Words 71
California County Sheriff Chad Bianco 66
Current Portrait of Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State 5
Kermit's Warning to Joe Xiden 5
Must See: "Sinking Ship" 5
This is Awesome 5

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The Lyrics Always Change When Leadership Changes
The CIA Loves You Pigs. ...err Bay of Pigs. CIA. Love. umm..
The Term "Died With" Serves a Purpose
Fauci on the Run
Don't Worry, You're in Safe Hands!
Waiting to Die...
Covid 19 Reminder Bad vs. Good
These Side Effects are Rare and Manageable
YOU Are Doing This to YOU
Vaccines, just like gambling. Loss, Loss, "maybe this time will be a win"...

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